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Ozaris introduce themselves as Forces who take care of the Universal balance Heavenly Spiritual Hierarchy

         "...A MESSAGE TO YOU - PEOPLE ON EARTH      


         In the infinite universe we think about you people on Earth. We know how hard it is for you to believe in us, but we exist. Believe us we used to be like you, people on Earth, we lived in other times and now we are here, in the Universe, but we do have a connection with you. Your forefathers are among you. They wanted to be born anew so they can enlighten your Path.

        People who will be able to receive different messages from us, ideas, pictures and all good are becoming more and more.

        We,  from Ozaris Forces of equilibrium , wish you  to preserve your unique personalities. As every species is useful and has its own place in Nature, so is EVERY PERSON UNIQUE AND HAS HIS OWN PLACE IN THE UNIVERSAL CHAIN OF THE UNIVERSE.

        We want you to preserve yourselves as personalities, as people who know why they came on the Earth and where they are going to.

        We follow the Big move in the history  of human existence

        We want you to know about us, that we are not only Universal brothers but THE MIND OF ALL PAST TIMES as well. The mind taken from the natural resources of each individual on Earth, the Energy force of  higher creation with the multiple army of the thought of Good, that everyone has in himself.



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