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.What happens with energy (souls) separated from people when they leave this world?....

.Where do they go and are they significant for UNIVERSAL EQUILIBRIUM?....

.Invisible world. Fantasy or Reality?!.... Ozaris - Forces responsible for energy equilibrium in the Universe - tells us about that.


The Visible and Invisible world are like both your hands- co-dependent and necessary in order to keep the balance straight.

There are different dimensions of life which are inextricably bound up with one another and that should be comprehended by people everyone should know that he will go to a different world, different dimension and at a certain moment he will return back to EarthThis  is the Truth

Reincarnation True or False? The Orthodox Church rejects the idea of reincarnation of the Soul but it does exist. Each Soul that has found Earth as its breeder for eternal life, for life after death, for an endless spiritual growth in the Universe has been and will be reincarnated. The Souls which reincarnate have wished to obtain knowledge and experience on Earth but they have also realized their growth in the Universe. The impulse of human soul for eternal reincarnation and growth until it reaches the level of power of its perfection light The Great life after Death which embraces the Universe with its love.

Believe in yourselves and go forward. But you should know that in the big NOTHING, as you call it, your protectors are on the alert and they are your smiling trusted friends called RULERS OF THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY OZARIS.

How and why? What for? Where from?


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