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….What happens with energy (souls) separated from people when they leave this world?....

….Where do they go and are they significant for UNIVERSAL EQUILIBRIUM?....

….Invisible world…. Fantasy or Reality?!.... Ozaris - Forces responsible for energy equilibrium in the Universe… - tells us about that.


“The Visible and Invisible world are like both your hands- co-dependent and necessary in order to keep the balance straight.

There are different dimensions of life which are inextricably bound up with one another and that should be comprehended by people… everyone should know that he will go to a different world, different dimension and at a certain moment he will return back to Earth… This  is the Truth…

Reincarnation – True or False? The Orthodox Church rejects the idea of reincarnation of the Soul but it does exist. Each Soul that has found Earth as it’s breeder for eternal life, for life after death, for an endless spiritual growth in the Universe has been and will be reincarnated. The Souls which reincarnate have wished to obtain knowledge and experience on Earth but they have also realized their growth in the Universe. The impulse of human soul for eternal reincarnation and growth until it reaches the level of power of its perfection – light – The Great life after Death which embraces the Universe with its love.

Believe in yourselves and go forward. But you should know that in the big NOTHING, as you call it, your protectors are on the alert and they are your smiling trusted friends called RULERS OF THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY – OZARIS.

How and why? What for? Where from?


Questions which everyone who leaves the Earth will be asked and in his last second one will say:

- Ozaris where are you? Why do I receive light, big strong light? Where from and where to?

Everyone who takes the Long Journey sees it.

We from Ozaris- Leaders and (ÀÐÕÀÒÈ) don’t want you to have small lives on Earth but to live sensibly and wealthy. Love one another and appreciate every single moment on Earth.

Love one another but keep your freedom and be good….


The messenger of Ozaris on Earth is Tanya who is a descendent of an ancient Thracian kin. She was born in the village of Brashliyan, the Strandzha Mountain. She lives in the town of Burgas, Bulgaria.

She received a conscious two - way telepathical aural contact when she was a little girl. In 1990 when Tanya turned 46, Ozaris offered her to be their messenger in order to give people on Earth their pictures and messages “But I’m neither a writer nor am I an artist. How could    that be possible?” – asked Tanya. Ozaris replied it would be very easy as she possessed the perfect two – way contact so

she would draw and write using energy.” Is it possible for a picture or a message to change people’s mind?” asked Tanya again. “It’s possible Tanya. Every person has a soul and Soul is wise. Let the one who has ears to listen and the one with eyes to see. Our bells in the form of pictures and messages will ring to the people on Earth, they will wake them up for thought – where do we come from, why are we here on Earth and where do we go?”- Ozaris responded. The recommendation to Tanya, was to think through the offer within 7 days and then to respond. After contradictory thoughts she accepted.

        A secret ritual for conversion in the name of all that is good in “St. Holy Spirit” temple Burgas. Followed Tanya made a secret vow not to divide people into national or religious differences, into rich and poor, friend or enemies. She has studied for 2 years at their celestial spiritual university for ethics and morality. Together with the lectures made by the spiritual teachers she also receives written messages and pictures on a level obtaining energy from universe, on the principle reception – transmission. After passing the necessary educational process and taking examinations Tanya obtained 14 enlightenments the last one of which is “Love’s parable” and Celestial Diploma painted by artists from Ozaris.

        The paintings for the First in the World thematic exhibitions of Ozaris – Forces of Equilibrium, have been drown for two years. Christmas exhibition under the title of NATURE – MAN - COSMOS and a spring one, called “SOUL – EMANATION” (RADIATION)

        The picture have been drawn by Ozaris guiding Tanya’s hand on a level – obtaining energy from Universe on the reception- transition principle aiming to reach all people on Earth for Greeting and Thought.

Ozaris desire is to accept everything drown not only as a piece of art but also as pictures from a different world thinking about us and wishing to help us going out of the deep Delusion we’re in.

There are 22 pictures included in each exhibition and they are drawn using different technique and materials lay on in a way the artists from Ozaris insisted on in order to keep the right radiation coming out of them.

The first in the world exhibition of Ozaris “NATURE – MAN – COSMOS” was opened on 25th December, 1992, at 10 o’clock, in conference room ¹ 3 at House of the People's Army (ÄÍÀ) Burgas.

“Tanya read with a lot of excitement to all the guests”

During the exhibition the artists from Ozaris were drawing pictures without stopping, guiding Tanya’s hand at a lit candle, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Christmas and Spring cards for health and spiritual growth were drawn. Ozaris was hoping and waiting for our Awakening.

The beginning of the Enlightenment was set. The first step of which was speculating on the connection “NATURE – MAN – COSMOS”

The second Thematical Exhibition of Ozaris was opened on First Spring and that was not an occasional choice. Spring symbolizes awakening and renewal of human soul. Spring exhibition of Ozaris “Soul – emanation” was opened on 21st March, 1993 at the same conference hall in Burgas.

 After a few introductory words Tanya read Spring Message of Forces of Equilibrium and Greeting from Ancient Thracians – transmitted by Ozaris.

Ozaris wished the exhibition to be opened with Thracian chain dance (horo) for which musicians and dancers were invited.

The guests were still under the influence of the Message when the distinctive sound of the bagpipe and the drum filled in the room. 


Youth – the future of Bulgaria, was dancing the power producing chain dance of the Ancient Thracians. Fascinated by the rhythm and it’s magical powers, all guests began joining the horo and it started growing bigger and bigger. It turned into a really huge power producing circle “A Chain Dance for everyone in the Universe” 

The power producing Thracian chain dance. On it a man, a woman, a man, a woman had drawn up in a line and that’s the way they danced in a circle. In the rhythm and the movements the Universal laws of the Eternity and Protection had been weaved into. Health and Energy taken from this dance have helped in difficult times to withstand with the help of their spirit and stenigth.

First Spring and Christmas have been chosen not accidentally. Greeting and direction for new way of thinking, religion and science all together.

Ozaris wished an exhibition to be opened in Varna. It was done on 5th April, 1993 at the Naval Club.

Ozaris didn’t choose the exhibitions to be organized in the army clubs accidentally. By making this choice they reminded us for the power of mental (psychical) energy. It can be turned into the worst psychophysics weapon which can not be seen but felt when it’s too late.

All 3 big exhibitions appointed for Bulgaria were accomplished. Ozaris had considered for these exhibitions to visit 12 countries by the summer of 1999 – with written messages addressing the nation of each country. Every year 2 nations will be greeted with Spring and Christmas exhibition. The last one should be opened in spring of 1999 in India. The picture “Ozaris’ Intelligence” is intended to be safe- kept there. In order to establish a stable connection “ EAST- WEST” and “ WEST-EAST”.

“Our exhibitions will be a free ticket to New Cosmic conscious”

        For a first time since humanity exists we receive Greeting from Universal Intelligence under the form of organized thematical exhibitions and written messages coming together with them.

        For a fist time during the exhibitions a contact of such a high energy level was possible to be established, a contact with a duration of 12 hours, lasting 7 days in a form of greeting cards.

        Ozaris says that we, people on earth, a period of Great Speculation have begun.

         For a first time, the Universal brothers say, messages and pictures from high level of the divine world have been received with a special purpose aiming to reach every single person on Earth, no matter his belief, national belonging or age.

Ozaris drew as a greeting for all Bulgarians the picture “Virgin Mary’s beginning” which incorporates coded energies for health, love and enlightenment. The picture has been kept in the Naval club in Varna.

        Ozaris’s exhibitions - Forces of equilibrium mark the path of a New time for uniting of nations regardless of national belonging and faith.

         “We made a bow to everyone, a greeting and a smile. Now your bow is on turn but first think bow but also rich thought on a path studded with wisdom and Gilt.  Prometheus, Orpheus have taken their path again.


        A SIGN HAS BEEN GIVEN BY OZARIS TO EARTH, A SIGN FOR A BULGARIAN CHAIN DANCE. Lead everybody on Earth, lead quickly with tiny steps, proudly and Earth should be pleased, Sky should be pleased and say:











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